Multimode interference photonic switches (MIPS)

Shuichi Nagai, Goh Morishima, Hirokazu Inayoshi, Katsuyuki Utaka

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The switching characteristics of multimode interference photonic switches (MIPS) are analyzed by wide-angle finite difference beam propagation method (FD-BPM). A result, it is found that the MIPS with a multimode interference (MIMI) length of 599 μm can switch the output light polarization insensitively with a crosstalk of less than -20 dB for a wavelength range of 70 nm. These analyses show that the MIPS can also have a 3-dB coupler function. Experimentally, an InGaAsP/InP 1 × 2 MIPS with a thicker InP cladding layer was fabricated and exhibited switching operation with crosstalks of -8 dB and -10 dB at 0 and 20 mA current injections, respectively. For a 2 × 2 MIPS with a thinner InP cladding layer, better switching characteristics with a crosstalk of -13 dB and an extinction ratio of 17 dB were realized.

ジャーナルJournal of Lightwave Technology
出版ステータスPublished - 2002 4

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