Non-stabilization structural mobile robot with duplex modes

Jingtao Li, Xueshan Gao*, Qiang Huang, Osamu Matsumoto


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Two-wheeled non-stabilization structural mobile robot has the features of differential-driven and coaxial wheels. By real-time stabilizing control method, the robot has advantage of high maneuverability, which can maintain the balance on slopes and rough terrain and can pivot around the central axis of its body in narrow spaces. Mechanical design, dynamic modeling and stabilizing control method of this type of mobile robot platform are discussed. Furthermore the characteristics of its kinematics and dynamics at loaded case on different terrains are explained. The motion posture can be controlled on the basis of the motion balance mode of robot. This prototype is designed to be a light weight, compact size, low consumption platform, and it can be carried by one person. A multi modal control system is developed which includes human transport and goods transport control system modes. In human transport mode, the master controller receives the data from the data conditioning module and generates the reference for controllers while in goods transport mode the master controller receives command from the teleoperator. Through the simulation research, it is shown that the robot can be confirmed as mobile platform for transporting human and goods. The effectiveness of the robot is confirmed by experiments such as climbing slope, pivoting around, surpassing small obstacles, balance standing and human transporting.

ジャーナルJixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering
出版ステータスPublished - 2009 5月

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