Novel Anchor-Selection Scheme for Distributed Mobility Management

Battulga Davaasambuu, Tumnee Telmuun, Dominik Sasko, Yu Keping, Shirmen Sodbileg

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The number of subscribers in mobile networks is growing rapidly, which chal- lenges network management and data delivery. E cient management and rout- ing are key solutions. One important solution is distributed mobility manage- ment (DMM), which handles the mobility of subscribers at the edges of mo- bile networks and load balancing. Otherwise, mobility anchors are distributed across a network that can manage the handover procedures. In this paper, we propose a novel mobility anchor-selection scheme based on the results of a cost function with three factors to select a suitable cell as well as an anchor for moving subscribers and improving the handover performances of networks. Our results illustrate that the proposed scheme provides signicantly enhanced handover performance.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2021

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