Numerical simulation of impinging gas jet on a liquid bath using SPH method

Jumpei MARUYAMA, Kazuki ITO, Makoto ANDO, Jun OKADA, Kimihisa ITO

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As the basis of injection metallurgy, an impinging gas jet on a liquid bath surface was simulated and experimentally verified. The SPH simulation of the gas-liquid two phase flow was developed by using the XSPH method, and the calculation speed was considerably increased with the use of general-purpose computing on graphics processing units. For N2 gas - water bath system, the simulated shapes and penetration length of the cavity were in good agreement with the experimental results, and the three modes of cavity were reproduced by the calculation. N2 gas-molten iron bath system was also simulated. The cavity mode was "dimpling mode"for all calculations.

ジャーナルisij international
出版ステータスPublished - 2020 6 15

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