Oligopolistic competition in the banking market and economic growth

Kojun Hamada, Akihiko Kaneko, Mitsuyoshi Yanagihara

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    We investigate how banks' degree of imperfect competition affects economic growth. This study explores an imperfect competition model in banking in an overlapping generations model with endogenous growth. We demonstrate the following results. First, an increase in the deposit interest rate increases the steady growth rate of the economy. Second, as competition among banks intensifies, the economic growth rate increases. Third, it is ambiguous as to whether a higher lending interest rate caused by an increase in productivity results in a higher economic growth rate. In our numerical exercises, we exemplify the possibility that an increase in the lending interest rate increases the growth rate.

    ジャーナルEconomic Modelling
    出版物ステータスAccepted/In press - 2017

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