Peptide antibodies to the human c-fyn gene product demonstrate pp59c-fyn is capable of complex formation with the middle-T antigen of polyomavirus.

S. H. Cheng, R. Harvey, P. C. Espino, K. Semba, T. Yamamoto, K. Toyoshima, A. E. Smith

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The c-fyn proto-oncogene is a member of a family of closely related genes of which c-src is the prototype. Using peptide antibodies which had been raised against sequences predicted to be specific for the human c-fyn gene product, the c-fyn protein was identified. It is a tyrosine kinase with apparent mol. wt of 59 kd that is also phosphorylated and myristylated. Like pp60c-src and pp62c-yes, pp59c-fyn is able to form a stable complex with middle-T antigen, the transforming protein of polyomavirus. The transformation-defective middle-T mutant NG59, which is unable to associate stably with pp60c-src does not associate with pp59c-fyn. In contrast to pp60c-src, complex formation with middle-T antigen does not lead to a significant increase in the tyrosine kinase activity of pp59c-fyn. These findings lead us to suggest that middle-T mediated transformation may be a consequence of the deregulation of several members of the src-family of protein tyrosine kinases.

ジャーナルThe EMBO journal
出版物ステータスPublished - 1988 12 1


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