Polygon visibility ordering via Voronoi diagrams

Shinichi Fukushige*, Hiromasa Suzuki


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Visibility determination is one of the oldest problems in computer graphics. The visibility, in terms of back-to-front polygon visibility ordering, is determined by updating a priority list as the viewpoint moves. A new list-priority algorithm, utilizing a property of Voronoi diagrams, is proposed in this paper. The operation is in two phases. First, in a pre-processing phase the scene is divided into Voronoi cells. A sub-list associated with each cell contains references to those polygons that intersect with it. The polygons are assigned a fixed set of view-independent priority orders within the cluster. Last, an interactive phase sorts the clusters according to the depth value of each Voronoi site. The most time-consuming work is performed during the pre-processing phase that only has to be executed once for the scene. Since all the polygons in a cell are pre-computed to obtain the fixed priority order within the cluster, a relatively simple task is left in the interactive phase, which is only to sort the clusters repeatedly when the viewpoint is changed. This method contains performance benefits that make it better shaped than previous BSP based methods.

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