Product innovation of shinzaburo hanpu and regional characteristic of Kyoto

Yusuke Irisawa*, Shin'ya Nagasawa


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There is a new company "Ichizawa Hanpu Kougyo" in Kyoto, which was born by their family troubles. As a result, a new brand called "Shinzaburo Hanpu" was born. Though this manufacturing company manages only a channel in Kyoto, it has gained national popularity. So, we have thought that it makes for the elaborate fabrication of this company to create the customer value with "a standing for the customer" and "a standing for manufacturing." This study aims to analyze the essence of "Shinzaburo Hanpu" brand from the perspective of the relation between its product innovation competence and innovation, based on the viewpoint that Mr. Shinzaburo Ichizawa is the essence of manufacturing for former Ichizawa Hanpu Kougyo and Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu. In "Shinzaburo Hanpu" case, we have examined the relation of the product innovation in the region of Kyoto.

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