Prolegomena to philosophical considerations of sports and gender: A critical consideration of research in Japan

Takemura Mizuho

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The objective of this paper is to consider some of the philosophical problems on gender in sport in terms of practical philosophy by examining previous studies on sports and gender in Japan. The previous studies of the Journal of Sport and Gender Studies, an institutional journal of the Japan Society for Sport and Gender Studies (JSGS), and were reviewed to explain the characteristics and the limits of previous sports-gender studies in Japan to establish the parameters for a philosophical discussion of sport-gender studies. A philosophical examination of the issues of affirmative actions, which is the least discussed topic among those listed in JSGS, is presented. By revealing fundamental problems in research on sports and gender in Japan, this study may potentially contribute to the resolution of multiple issues surrounding women in sports in Japan. Also, by exposing general and omnipresent problems, the study transcends the limited framework of sports in Japan, and can point to those common and overarching gender issues that need to be resolved around the world.

ジャーナルJournal of the Philosophy of Sport
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