Quasiresonant charge-exchange and reionization in low energy He+ scattering from Sn

R. Souda, T. Aizawa, C. Oshima, M. Aono, S. Tsuneyuki, M. Tsukada

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    The reionization of He atoms which also suffer quasiresonant charge-exchange is reported with use of both He+ and neutral He beams. The yield of reionized He atoms scattered from Sn shows no oscillatory structure as function of the energy. The reionization is caused by electron excitation along the antibonding orbital. In case of reionized He, the interference between the bonding and antibonding orbital is interrupted by the observation of the quasimolecular state.

    ジャーナルSurface Science Letters
    出版ステータスPublished - 1987 8 2

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