Reaction kinetics of FeO containing molten slags

Kimihisa Ito, Tasuku Hamano, Kenji Matsuzaki

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The kinetic study of FeO-containing slag is valuable if we consider slag-gas and slag-metal reactions in steelmaking process. In the present work, the reduction rate of FetO-SiO2-TiO2-MOx (MOx = CaO, MgO, AlO1.5, PO2.5) melts in equilibrium with solid iron by CO gas was measured sing the thermobalance system at 1673 K. A rate equation was developed based on the results obtained. The mechanisms of the reaction and the effect of P2O5 as a surfactant were discussed. Solid CaO was reacted with FeO-containing slag at 1573 to 1673 K. The CaO-slag interface was analyzed by SEM and EDX, and the reacted layers were identified. The rate of solid CaO dissolution into a stagnant FeO-containing slag at hot-metal temperatures was explained by the FeO diffusion in slag phase.

ジャーナルSteel Research
出版物ステータスPublished - 2003 1 1

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    Ito, K., Hamano, T., & Matsuzaki, K. (2003). Reaction kinetics of FeO containing molten slags. Steel Research, 74(1), 9-13.