Recombination dynamics of a 268 nm emission peak in Al 0.53in0.11Ga0.36N/Al0.58in 0.02Ga0.40N multiple quantum wells

T. Onuma, S. Keller, S. P. DenBaars, J. S. Speck, S. Nakamura, U. K. Mishra, T. Sota, S. F. Chichibu*


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Recombination dynamics of the 268 nm photoluminescence (PL) peak in a quaternary Al0.53In0.36Ga0.36N/Al 0.58In0.02Ga0.40N multiple quantum well (MQW) grown on relaxed AlGaN templates were studied. Although the polarization field in the compressively strained Al0.53In0.11Ga 0.36N wells was as high as 1.6 MV/cm, the value of integrated PL intensity at 300 K divided by that at 8 K (ηint) was as high as 1.2%. The value was similar to that obtained for the 285 nm PL peak in an Al0.30Ga0.70N/Al0.70Ga0.30N MQW (1.3%), though the AlN molar fraction in the wells was higher by a factor of 1.7. According to these results and the fact that time-resolved PL signal exhibited a stretched exponential decay shape, the improved ηint of the AlInGaN wells was attributed to a beneficial effect of the exciton localization as is the case with InGaN alloys; doping or alloying with InN was confirmed to work also on AlGaN in improving ηint to realize deep UV optoelectronic devices.

ジャーナルApplied Physics Letters
出版ステータスPublished - 2006

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