Representative spatial selection and temporal combination for 60 fps real-time 3D tracking of twelve volleyball players on GPU

Xina Cheng*, Yiming Zhao, Takeshi Ikenaga


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Real-time 3D players tracking plays an important role in sports analysis, especially for the live services of sports broadcasting, which have a strict limitation on processing time. For these kinds of applications, 3D trajectories of players contribute to high-level game analysis such as tactic analysis and commercial applications such as TV contents. Thus real-time implementation for 3D players tracking is expected. In order to achieve real-time for 60 fps videos with high accuracy, (that means the processing time should be less than 16.67ms per frame), the factors that limit the processing time of target algorithm include: 1) Large image area of each player. 2) Repeated processing of multiple players in multiple views. 3) Complex calculation of observation algorithm. To deal with the above challenges, this paper proposes a representative spatial selection and temporal combination based real-time implementation for multi-view volleyball players tracking on the GPU device. First, the representative spatial pixel selection, which detects the pixels that mostly represent one image region to scale down the image spatially, reduces the number of processing pixels. Second, the representative temporal likelihood combination shares observation calculation by using the temporal correlation between images so that the times of complex calculation is reduced. The experiments are based on videos of the Final and Semi-Final Game of 2014 Japan Inter High School Games of Men’s Volleyball in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. On the GPU device GeForce GTX 1080Ti, the tracking system achieves real-time on 60 fps videos and keeps the tracking accuracy higher than 97%.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2019

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