Robust-based interactive portfolio selection problems with an uncertainty set of returns

Takashi Hasuike*, Hideki Katagiri


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This paper considers a robust portfolio selection problem with an uncertainty set of future returns and satisfaction levels in terms of the total return and robustness parameter. Since the proposed model is formulated as an ill-defined problem due to uncertainty and is bi-objective, that is, to maximize both the abovementioned satisfaction levels, it is difficult to solve the model directly without introducing some criterion of optimality for the bi-objective functions. Therefore, by introducing fuzzy goals and an interactive fuzzy satisficing method, the proposed model is transformed into a deterministic equivalent problem. Furthermore, to obtain the exact optimal portfolio analytically, a solution method is developed by introducing the auxiliary problem and performing equivalent transformations. In order to compare the proposed model with previous useful models, numerical examples are provided, and the results show that it is important to maximize the robustness parameter and total return using the interactive process for adjusting investor's satisfaction levels.

ジャーナルFuzzy Optimization and Decision Making
出版ステータスPublished - 2013 9月

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