Selective data deactivation mechanism in sustainable area-based cache for mobile social networks

Hiromi Narimatsu, Hiroyuki Kasai*


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This paper presents a proposal of a more resilient mechanism of an area-based sustainable cache system under a temporary decrease of the number of terminals. This mechanism suppresses interruptions of data relay and disappearances of cache data in the cache continually. The core technology enables each terminal to retain the received data in cache areas as "deactivated data" instead of deleting the data, even after a terminal leaves the area. Deactivated data are not relayed outside the target designated cache area. The data are reactivated and redistributed to others as relay data once the terminal revisits there. Consequently, the data are shared across time. Furthermore, particularly addressing the limitation of terminal storage, we proposed an adaptive scheme to select which data should be retained as deactivation data. This new mechanism leverages the proposed method under the storage limitation. As presented at the end of this paper, the simulation evaluations underscore the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism, and the adaptive selective scheme of deactivated data.

ジャーナルMobile Networks and Applications
出版ステータスPublished - 2012 12

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