Semi-empirical method for estimating the β-strength function

T. Tachibana, M. Yamada

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A method of estimating the β-strength function from β-decay data on three neighbouring nuclei is proposed. This method is most effective for the β- decay ofodd-Z even-N nuclei with the neutron number equal to a magic number plus two, and is applied to the β- decays of 87Br and 137I The strength functions estimated by this method represent the general trend of experimental data fairly well except for the regions of the lowest and highest excitation energies, where this method is either inapplicable or subject to large uncertainties. The delayed neutron emission probabilities are estimated for these precursors by use of these strength functions, and the results are in agreement with experiment within a factor of two.

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出版物ステータスPublished - 1983 3 7

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