Simultaneous and decentralized deployment behavior of flexible space structures

K. Ishimura*, M. C. Natori, K. Higuchi


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Deployment behavior of modularized space structures is analyzed from the viewpoint of dynamic and simultaneous deployment. Actuators, which are attached to each substructure individually, realize the decentralized and simultaneous deployment. Elastic panels with double-accordion folding pattern are examined as an example of modularized structures. Corresponding analytical model is derived from the hybrid variational principle. At first, the deployment behavior of one module is simulated numerically to analyze the deployment characteristics of the double-accordion folding. The influences of panels' shape and flexural rigidity on the deployment characteristics are clarified. Furthermore, the deployment behaviour of multi modules is simulated numerically to analyze the synchronism of the deployment. It is shown that high flexural rigidity of elastic panels improves the synchronism of the deployment, and the strain energy of each module depends on constraints of the module. The synchronism of the deployment and the distribution of the strain energy are then considered qualitatively for general dynamic and simultaneous deployment.

ジャーナルTransactions of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences
出版ステータスPublished - 2001 8月

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