Software technology in internetworking

Shigeki Goto, Hironobu Nagano

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Software technology plays an essential role in computer networks, since most functions of computer networks are realized through software. This paper surveys recent developments in software technology in computer networks, with emphasis on internetworking, which means connecting many networks together. This special issue of NTT R&D deals with a wide variety of topics, covering network operation, apprications of networkds, very-high-speed communications and a new protocol in TCP/IP. Although these topics seem deverse, they are all based on software technology. The number of users of computer networks in the world is enormous and it continues to grow day by day. Tere are still many research topics to be addressed to provide truly universal access to computer networks so that everyone can enjoy its versatility. We hope the articles in this special issue will promote progress in the area of computer internetworking research.

ジャーナルNTT R and D
出版ステータスPublished - 1994

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