Solar particle dynamics during magnetic storms of July 23-27, 2004

S. N. Kuznetsov, L. L. Lazutin, M. I. Panasyuk, L. I. Starostin, Yu V. Gotseliuk, Nobuyuki Hasebe, K. Sukurai, M. Hareyama

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    It is a case study of a chain of three magnetic storms with a special attention to the particle dynamics based on CORONAS-F and SERVIS-1 low altitude satellite measurements. Solar proton penetration inside the polar cap and inner magnetosphere and dynamics at different phases of the magnetic storms was studied. We found, that solar protons were captured to the inner radiation belt at the recovery phase of the first and the second magnetic storms and additionally accelerated during the last one. No evidence of sudden commencement (SC) particle injection was found. Enhanced solar proton belt intensity with small pitch angles decreased slowly during satellite orbits for 30 days until the next magnetic storm. Then in 20-30 h we registered strong precipitation of these protons followed by the trapped proton flux dropout. Intensity decrease was more pronounced at lower altitudes and higher particle energies.

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