Statistical properties for directional alignment and chasing of players in football games

Takuma Narizuka, Yoshihiro Yamazaki

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Focusing on motion of two interacting players in football games, two velocity vectors for the pair of one player and the nearest opponent player exhibit strong alignment. Especially, we find that there exists a characteristic interpersonal distance r ≃ 500 cm below which the circular variance for their alignment decreases rapidly. By introducing the order parameter φ(t) in order to measure the degree of alignment of the players velocity vectors, we also find that the angle distribution between the nearest players velocity vectors becomes of wrapped Cauchy type (φ ≳ 0.7) and the mixture of von Mises and wrapped Cauchy distributions (φ ≳ 0.7), respectively. To understand these findings, we construct a simple model for the motion of the two interacting players with the following rules: chasing between the players and the reset of the chasing. We numerically show that our model successfully reproduces the results obtained from the actual data. Moreover, from the numerical study, we find that there is another characteristic distance r ≃ 1000 cm below which players chasing starts.

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