Structural and optical properties of AgAlTe2 layers grown on sapphire substrates by closed space sublimation method

A. Uruno*, A. Usui, M. Kobayashi


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AgAlTe2 layers were grown on a- and c-plane sapphire substrates using a closed space sublimation method. Grown layers were confirmed to be single phase layers of AgAlTe2 by X-ray diffraction. AgAlTe2 layers were grown to have a strong preference for the (112) orientation on both kinds of substrates. The variation in the orientation of grown layers was analyzed in detail using the X-ray diffraction pole figure measurement, which revealed that the AgAlTe2 had a preferential epitaxial relationship with the c-plane sapphire substrate. The atomic arrangement between the (112) AgAlTe2 layer and sapphire substrates was compared. It was considered that the high order of the lattice arrangement symmetry probably effectively accommodated the lattice mismatch. The optical properties of the grown layer were also evaluated by transmittance measurements. The bandgap energy was found to be around 2.3eV, which was in agreement with the theoretical bandgap energy of AgAlTe2.

ジャーナルJournal of Applied Physics
出版ステータスPublished - 2014 11 14

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