Study of single crystal CuInSe2 thin films and CuGaSe2/CuInSe2 single quantum well grown by molecular beam epitaxy

Sathiabama Thiru*, Masaki Asakawa, Kazuki Honda, Atsushi Kawaharazuka, Atsushi Tackeuchi, Toshiki Makimoto, Yoshiji Horikoshi


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High quality CuGaSe2 and CuInSe2 single crystalline layers are grown on GaAs (001) by employing the deposition sequence of migration enhanced epitaxy using a solid source molecular beam epitaxy system. When CuGaSe2 is grown on CuInSe2 at moderate temperatures, severe interdiffusion takes place at the heterojunction of CuGaSe2/CuInSe2. This problem has been solved by optimizing the growth temperature and deposition rates of the constituent elements. Thus, we have successfully grown CuGaSe2/CuInSe2 single quantum well with sharp interfaces on GaAs (001) for the first time. Intense photoluminescence from the single quantum well with 10 nm well width is demonstrated.

ジャーナルJournal of Crystal Growth
出版ステータスPublished - 2015 7 28

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