Superconducting Correlation of Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model near Half-Filling

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Superconducting correlation of the Hubbard model on a square lattice is reinvestigated by quantum Monte Carlo method. Results from more than one order of magnitude larger Monte Carlo steps than before are presented to discuss the convergence of the data to the ground state. By examining the dependence on the choice of initial trial states as well as on the Trotter number in detail, the superconducting correlation in the ground state is reliably obtained up to 12 × 12 lattice away from the half-filling and up to 16 x 16 lattice at the half-filling, which substantially improve former results near the half-filling. Various channels of pairing in the ground state show no system size dependence and remain quite short ranged at any filling including the region close to the half-filling. Numerical data show further evidence that neither extended s- nor d-wave superconducting state is possible in the two-dimensional Hubbard model.

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