Supporting science communication in a museum using ubiquitous learning logs

Hiroaki Ogata, Katsuya Takanashi, Kousuke Mouri, Akihiko Osaki, Hiromi Ochiai, Mayumi Bono, Ayami Joh

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This paper proposes how to enhance sharing knowledge among science communicators (SCs) in a museum. Our approach is to use SCROLL system to share learning log, which is defined as a digital record of what learners have learned in the daily life using ubiquitous technologies. One of the important skills of SCs is to create mutual communication with visitors and motivate them to know more. However, they have to acquire this skill from the daily experiences because this skill is not shared among SCs. Also, this skill is not easily taken over because the employment term of SCs is 5 years. In this situation, SCs registers learning logs into SCROLL and their activities are also recorded into video. They have a reflection session using learning logs and video in a week. Both interaction analysis by the expert and data analysis using SCROLL are combined.

ジャーナルCEUR Workshop Proceedings
出版ステータスPublished - 2014
イベント4th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, LAK 2014 - Indianapolis, United States
継続期間: 2014 3月 242014 3月 28

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