Synthesis of N-(4-vinyl)benzylimidazole copolymer and oxygen-binding properties of its complex with cobaltporphyrin

Baoqing Shentu*, Qun Liu, Zhixue Weng, Hiroyuki Nishide


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N-(4-vinyl)benzylimidazole and its copolymer with octyl methacrylate (PBIOM) were synthesized and characterized, and oxygen-binding properties of cobaltporphyrin (CoP) complexes with imdazole ligands were studied. The weight-average molecular weight and imidazole content of PBIOM were determined to be 3.4 × 105 and 57 mol % by GPC and elemental analysis, respectively. PBIOM or benzylimidazole (BIm) and CoP in chloroform solution were mixed to complex the imidazolyl residue of the ligands with the fifth coordination site of CoP under nitrogen atmosphere to get CoP complexes. CoP complex displayed a reversible change in the UV-visible absorption spectrum from the deoxy form to the oxygen-binding one with an isosbestic point, in response to the partial oxygen pressure of the atmosphere. The oxygen-binding equilibrium curves of CoP complexes obeyed a Langmuir isotherm, to give the oxygen-binding affinity p50 (oxygen partial pressure at which half of the CoP binds with oxygen). At the same partial oxygen pressure, the oxygen-binding ratio of CoP-BIm complex was a little larger than that of CoP-PBIOM complex. The oxygen-binding affinity of CoP-PBIOM complex in the solid membrane state was larger than that in chloroform solution. The half lifetime of CoP-PBIOM membrane at 60°C was 40.7 h, while that of CoP-BIm membrane (poly(octyl methacrylate) as matrix) was 8.8 h, indicating that polymer ligand significantly prolonged the lifetime of CoP complex.

ジャーナルActa Polymerica Sinica
出版ステータスPublished - 2006 8月

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