The parsec-scale jet of PKS 0637-752

Philip G. Edwards*, B. Glenn Piner, Steven J. Tingay, James E.J. Lovell, Jun Kataoka, Roopesh Ojha, Yasuhiro Murata


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Chandra observations of the quasar PKS 0637-752 during its checkout phase resulted in the unexpected detection of a luminous kiloparsec-scale X-ray jet. The apparent superluminal speed of this jet on the parsec-scale, based on two VSOP and four ground-based observations, has proven crucial to understanding the X-ray production in the arcsec-scale jet. We present here for the first time the full details of the ground-based observations used to determine the parsec-scale jet speed, describe the results of a third VSOP observation, and examine the reported jet speed in the light of more recent ground-based VLBI observations. We find some evidence of increased source activity coincident with extrapolated epochs of jet component ejection, although the monitoring of the source is relatively sparse and the ejection epochs are not tightly constrained. We also construct the spectral energy distribution for the nucleus of PKS 0637-752 and show that it can be modelled well in terms of a one-zone synchrotron self-Compton model of an electron-positron jet with a Doppler factor of ∼ 10, consistent with the results of the VLBI observations.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2006

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