The ranking model which estimates the factor scores of residual variables

Hideki Toyoda, Ikko Kawahashi*, Hotaka Katahira, Akihiro Saito


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In this research, a new directions for utilizing the residual variable score in structural equation modeling was proposed. The residual variable score is created by removing the influence of the comprehensive index, which is strongly related to brand cognition from each trait factor. By using it as a new index, we tried to detect low cognition and high evaluation. Brands which are not ranked high in the comprehensive index. It was shown that the ranking by the residual variable score on the same trait has very high correlation between years and same trait, and low correlation with the comprehensive index. Thus, the discriminant validity and stability of the new index were identified. Concerning the interpretation of the new index, it became clear that the brand which shows an increasing trend with the new index has the uniformly low degree of cognition as compared with the descending brand. It indicates that the new index has the capability of detecting brands with low cognition and high evaluation Brand.

ジャーナルShinrigaku Kenkyu
出版ステータスPublished - 2006

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