Total and segmental subcutaneous adipose tissue volume measured by ultrasound

Takashi Abe*, Fumiko Tanaka, Yasuo Kawakami, Kohki Yoshikawa, Tetsuo Fukunaga


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Total and segmental subcutaneous adipose tissue volumes (SATV) were estimated and compared in 13 healthy young women with a mean age of 21.4 yr. Total and segmental (head and neck, forearm, upper arm, trunk, thigh, and lower leg) SATV were estimated from subcutaneous adipose tissue layer thickness and the body surface area; the former by B-mode ultrasound and the latter by direct measurement. Consecutive magnetic resonance images (MRI) were obtained from head to toe (10 mm thickness), from which adipose tissue areas as well as total and regional SATV were determined. SATV of the upper arm and thigh estimated by ultrasound was significantly lower compared to that of MRI-measured SATV; however, there were no significant differences found in the other four segments. As a results, total estimated SATV obtained was on average 5.5% lower with ultrasound than with MRI-measured total SATV: however there were no statistically significant differences between the two values. Significant strong correlations were observed between MRI-measured total and segmental SATV, and SATV estimated by ultrasound (r =0.79-0.95) for all segments except head and neck. These results show the effectiveness of the ultrasound method for estimating SATV; however, the quantitative analysis tissue volumes would require correction.

ジャーナルMedicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
出版ステータスPublished - 1996 7月 1

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