Variational calculation for the nuclear equation of state toward supernova explosions

Masatoshi Takano, Hiroaki Kanzawa, Kazuhiro Oyamatsu, Kohsuke Sumiyoshi

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The equation of state (EOS) is calculated for uniform nuclear matter at zero and finite temperatures with the variational method. Making use of uncertainty of the three-body nuclear force, adjustable parameters in the nuclear EOS are tuned so that the Thomas-Fermi calculations for β-stable nuclei with the EOS reproduce the empirical data. The calculated nuclear properties imply that larger symmetry energy of the EOS is preferable to reproduce the empirical β-stability line. The expectation value of the nuclear Hamiltonian caused by the 2π-exchange three-body nuclear force is uncertain and related to the symmetry energy.

ジャーナルModern Physics Letters A
出版ステータスPublished - 2008 9 30

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