Verification tests of a 100 m high-Tc superconducting cable

Takato Masuda, Masayuki Hirose, Shigeki Isojima, Shoichi Honjo, Yoshihisa Takahashi, Hiroshi Suzuki

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Authors have started a project to develop a 100m three-core 66kV/1kA/114MVA HTS cable system to certify the manufacturing capability and the practicability of an HTS cable system as actual power system equipment. The HTS cable has three cable cores housed in one cryostat and is cooled by sub-cooled liquid nitrogen (LN2). The cable core is composed of a former, superconducting conductor, LN2 impregnated Polypropylene Laminated Paper (PPLJP) electrical insulation and a superconducting electromagnetic shield. The conductor and the shield are wound spirally with Bi-2223 tapes along the former and insulation respectively. The cable system is composed of a 100m HTS cable, two splitter boxes, six terminations and two cooling systems. The cable is bent at its center and forms a U-shape. The cable and the apparatuses have been developed and set at CRIEPI's test site and one year long tests including first to fourth term have started since June, 2001. By the end of the year 2001, first and second tests had been completed and third test has been under way. The first cooling tests proved that the cable has good performance in terms of critical current, shield current and heat loss. The second and third cooling tests showed that the cable did not undergo any serious damage during the cooling cycle. Concerning the electrical tests, 40kV and 1kA in the three-phase have been loaded successfully to the cable for more than 1300 hours. This paper describes the design of the cable and some test results.

出版ステータスPublished - 2002
イベントIEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition 2002 : Asia Pacific - Yokahama, Japan
継続期間: 2002 10月 62002 10月 10


ConferenceIEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition 2002 : Asia Pacific

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