ZSWIM8 is a myogenic protein that partly prevents C2C12 differentiation

Fumihiko Okumura*, Nodoka Oki, Yuha Fujiki, Rio Ikuta, Kana Osaki, Shun Hamada, Kunio Nakatsukasa, Naoki Hisamoto, Taichi Hara, Takumi Kamura


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Cell adhesion molecule-related/downregulated by oncogenes (Cdon) is a cell-surface receptor that mediates cell–cell interactions and positively regulates myogenesis. The cytoplasmic region of Cdon interacts with other proteins to form a Cdon/JLP/Bnip-2/CDC42 complex that activates p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and induces myogenesis. However, Cdon complex may include other proteins during myogenesis. In this study, we found that Cullin 2-interacting protein zinc finger SWIM type containing 8 (ZSWIM8) ubiquitin ligase is induced during C2C12 differentiation and is included in the Cdon complex. We knocked-down Zswim8 in C2C12 cells to determine the effect of ZSWIM8 on differentiation. However, we detected neither ZSWIM8-dependent ubiquitination nor the degradation of Bnip2, Cdon, or JLP. In contrast, ZSWIM8 knockdown accelerated C2C12 differentiation. These results suggest that ZSWIM8 is a Cdon complex-included myogenic protein that prevents C2C12 differentiation without affecting the stability of Bnip2, Cdon, and JLP.

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出版ステータスPublished - 2021 12月

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